I started this equatorial table, taking as a model the excellent articles by Reiner Vogel and Ed Jones. Here are the steps:

With two pieces of ash, I make a mortise and a tenon

I cut a circle segment..

.. which is routed with an angle of 43 degrees (my latitude)

.. the resulting piece is cut lengthwise at an angle (difficult to determine - I used trial and error)

then assembled with a biscuit jointer.

The mobile part is ready to glue up.

Starting to assemble the fixed part. I bought the DC motor, regulating circuit and reducing gear from conrad.fr

Detail of the drive cylinder, made of wood covered with heat-shrink tubing for traction

The south pivot uses a window hinge

The north-east bearing

First trials

The table is almost finished, with its electronic box and leveling screws.

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