Source Nom Commentaires
web Mairie de Tende The site has not been updated in a year
web Roya Expansion Nature Site of the REN association
web Remontons la Roya Site de l'association Remontons la Roya
facebook Ville de Tende Official information source of the Mairie
facebook Ecomusée du Train des Merveilles Good info on the trains
facebook Remontons la Roya Private group- Useless for the general public
facebook Tu sais que t'es tendasque quand public group
facebook Tende public group
facebook Comité de soutien des voies de communication public group
facebook Collectif des entrepreneurs pour les sinistrés public group
whatsapp Nouvelles de la Roya

Web sites are accessible to all, but less interactive than social groups. Some Facebook pages contain useful info, others not because of the spelling errors and useless comments. Whatsapp Groups are not accessible by non-members