Water supply

The water supply was cut on October 2 because of damage on the supply station in Vievola and the main pipe running alongside the river. A temporary, non-drinkable water supply was connected on October 10.

New pipe is being layed along the railroad, which is not damaged like the road.

Drinkable w...

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Report on the train line

Report on the Cuneo Tende Ventimiglia train line by Michel Braun from the Ecomusée du Train des Merveilles.


All fixed and mobile phone communications were cut on October 2. Mobile service was re-established gradually the following weeks. Fixed phone and ADSL are being repaired in the first half of november.


The SNCF issued a detailed report on the damage of the line.

Some extracts:

Bridge on the Bieugne - St Dalmas station

Train Timetable - November 2020

Timetable for trains on the Nice - Breil - Tende - Cuneo line after storm Alex.

The distance between Nice and Cuneo is 121km, and the distances between stations is at scale.

The slope of each segment indicates the train speed: Between Breil and St Dalmas (18km), the train takes 1h30, therefore i...

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Train Timetable - 1932

Timetable for trains on the Nice - Breil - Tende - Cuneo in 1932, after a timetable from the collection of M. Braun.

4 trains Nice-Cuneo every day. It only took 3h40, at an average speed of 40km/h.
The trains went on to Torino and some even to Basel in Switzerland.


The railroad between Breil, Tende and Limone is almost intact, except the Beogna tunnel just below the Saint Dalmas station, where the ballast was washed away. It is scheduled to be repaired end February 2021.

Until then Tende, la Brigue and Saint Dalmas will be accessible by train from Limone, wh...

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The road from Ventimiglia to the Col de Tende is washed away at more than 10 places, which means Tende, Saint Dalmas, la Brigue, Fontan and Saorge will be unaccessible by road for a long time.

The most important damage is at the south entrance of the Col de Tende tunnel, which will take years...

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