Date Description
2 october Mediterranean episode - about 500mm of rain on the Mercantour
2 and 3 october Several hundred cubic meters per second in the Roya and its tributaries
3 october Interruption of RD 6204 road at more than 10 bridges etc.
3 october Power, telephone and water are cut
4 october First helicopters from Nice
7 october Gradual restoration of power
8 october Opening of an emergency road to Col de Tende via Speggi and Peïrafique
11 october First emergency train at St Dalmas
11 october Restoration of (non-drinkable) water mains
20 october Restoration of the train line from Breil to St Dalmas (sud)
22 october Temporary bridge from Tende to St Dalmas
24 october Restoration of rail service from Cuneo to St Dalmas (nord)
25 october Remodeling of the river
26 october New rain, temporary bridge to St Dalmas is taken away
2 november Temporary bridge restored
5 november Optical fiber / wired telephone service restored
15 november Restoration of drinkable water
23 november Opening of a temporary road from Breil to Tende (morning and evening)
28 november Interruption of train services from Breil to Saint Dalmas for 3 weeks